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Our Guarantee

Our System will deliver results. That’s why it is called System 4Results.Our Guarantee is simple and straightforward.

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About Us

I deliver the System through workshops, coaching or consulting All with a money back guarantee.

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What Our Clients Say?

  • “The course has been eye opening and having put into practice a lot of what you have taught has made a massive impact on my business”
    Victor Ling, Barkers Photographic
  • “Our turnover is up over 19% over the last year, plus our costs have dropped by 26%, so it’s been a brilliant year thanks to Neil”
    Kev Shepherd, Health & Safety Company
  • “We got the foundations right using Neil’s methods and our enquiries are up over 47% and our conversion rates exceed 63%.  Inspirational in every sense.”
    Rob Scott, Unlimited Group
  • “I was up at 4 am working as I couldn’t sleep because I had so many ideas bouncing around my head after our session… A few weeks in and I’m loving every second of the workshops.  I would urge anyone in business to sign up to the programme.  Through Neil’s knowledge of business and the power of these workshops, I cannot see how anyone could fail to get anything from this.”
    James Neale Photography
  • “I was having difficulty generating enough business to keep me busy for a full working week. Since joining the workshop programme I have seen a massive difference, leading to increased turnover and profits.  I am now brimming with ideas to push on to the next level.  Whatever your business, I have no hesitation in recommending Neil Foley and System 4Results
    Carl Rich, IFA
  • “Another fantastic session….”
    William Gallop, Grant Matthewson Accountants
  • “I find our sessions very informative and because they are delivered in such a relaxed manner I find it easier to take the information I need and process it…great help for me personally’’
    Andrew Parkinson, Scandia Joinery
  • “Inspiring…some really good ideas developed…over the years I have been on a number of courses, but you do not blind me with jargon but follow a sensible no-nonsense approach.  You take time to link what you are explaining to real life examples and back to our business.  I am achieving success because of System 4Results
    Rob Scott, Unlimited Group
  • “Thanks for tonight …we got a lot from it and it was enjoyable and well-paced’’
    Mike Adams, Excellent Utilities
  • “You have really helped us put processes in place giving us structure to our sales and marketing activity.  We were so busy somehow we could not see the woods for the trees, but now have a much clearer vision of the future, to include a joint venture that we would not even have considered before.  This has helped our cashflow considerably and given us greater confidence about the future.  I would recommend without hesitation.”
    Helen Allinson, Red Triangle Energy