The only way most businesses can grow is to take market share.

We have a system that can help you do just that.

To start our ‘Nine Stages Of Preparation’ includes extensive research into your marketplace.
“A client working directly with Neil on his business”

“A client working directly with Neil on his business”

You will discover exactly what your competitors are doing, and how your clients and customers rate you.

We then use this information to target your activity - across the board in every part of your business.

This will include up to:

  • 24 Strategies for Lead Generation – leading to more enquiries
  • 20 Strategies for Converting these into paying clients – leading to more customers
  • 29 Strategies for Client Maximisation – and increased customer value
Our fees are results-based so you’ll be surprised how affordable our consulting package can be. For more details on:

  • The size of growth you can expect
  • How our results-based fees work for you and us
  • Our simple agreement with no tie-in (we’re only around for as long as you decide)
  • Our unique money back guarantee
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